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This website focuses on twin row and Twin-Row cropping systems. All though the original yield boost of paired rows was thought to be limited to corn. It is now apparent that yield increases seen in twin-row corn are also possible with other crops such as soybeans, milo, cotton and sunflowers. This site is dedicated to presenting documented yield data on the twinrow concept. It also links to Twin-Row videos and information on twin row planters. Check out the new Twin-Row calculator to figure out your profits by using the Twin-Row system.

Narrrow Row Corn
Report 2009

Click here on the Narrow Row Report from Farm Journal.

Monsanto 2009 Report

2009 Monsanto Research Summary Report

Click here for the 2009 Monsanto Report on the evalution of Twin Rows in corn. The report contains detailed data research studies on plant populations and yield levels.

AgriGold Genetic Interaction in Twin Row Corn

Click here on AgriGold's test plot results on Twin-Row.